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The professionals at The Henderson Financial Group believe in a needs-based approach to help you develop your financial strategies.


Let us help answer your financial questions and develop a strategy that’s focused on helping you work toward your financial goals.

Our Process

At The Henderson Financial Group, we facilitate our appointments with clients in a similar manner as a good physician does with his patients. During our initial consultation, we get to know the client and their background history as well as their financial habits before reviewing, diagnosing and ultimately prescribing a financial plan that best suits the client's needs. We follow a comprehensive, six-step financial planning process that is always centered on your goals.


Establish And Define The Client-Planner Relationship
In our initial meeting, we’ll determine the scope of the client-planner relationship. Together, we’ll clearly document the services to be provided and define our mutual responsibilities. Our primary goal at this stage is to determine how we can best help you accomplish your financial and life objectives.


Gather Client Data, Including Goals

The next step in the process is for us to find out as much about your financial situation and goals as possible. Together, we’ll mutually define your personal and financial goals, try to understand your time frame for accomplishing those goals, and then discuss how you feel about the risks that could potentially derail your plan along the way. Prior to this meeting, we’ll have you gather the necessary information that will help us make this meeting as productive as possible.


Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status

Once your financial information has been obtained and your goals have been defined, we’ll go to work to create a personal financial plan that will help you accomplish your objectives. Among other things, this might include a review of your investment portfolio, the creation of a retirement strategy, or perhaps an analysis of your current tax and estate plan.


Develop and Present Financial Planning Recommendations and/or Alternatives

After your plan has been prepared, we’ll meet with you to address your goals based on the information you provided. We’ll discuss the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your current plan, and then we’ll provide you with our professional recommendations on how to best accomplish your goals.


Implement the Financial Planning Recommendations

Once we’ve discussed your objectives and have recommended to your strategies to help you accomplish those objectives, we’ll work closely with you to implement those strategies. This may mean working with your attorney, CPA, or with our firm to help you implement your wealth management and financial planning strategy.


Monitor the Financial Planning Recommendations

You will never be alone in this process. Together, we’ll define who’s responsible for monitoring progress toward your objectives, and we’ll work closely with you towards the accomplishment of your long-term financial objectives. In most instances, this involves meeting with our firm, as well as with your attorney and accountant on at least an annual basis.

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