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Don’t HENDER Your Wealth!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Cheers to 2023, and welcome to the Don’t HENDER Your Wealth Blog.

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The start of a new calendar year often finds many people reflecting on their goals.

Understandably, after all the food and spending during the holiday season, fitness and financial goals continue to be at the top of everyone’s list “New Year” list. Interestingly enough, both fitness and financial goals continue to be the goals that most people fall short of.

As you know, we’re The Money People.

We’ve been in Financial Services for over thirty years, and throughout the past thirty-plus years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, helping, and connecting with many people. We don’t need to take a formal survey to realize that the biggest obstacle to people achieving their financial goals is them.

Yup, you read that right…you are the source of your financial problems. Ouch!

Now, I know this may be shocking for you because, well, you aren’t in the Money Business like we are. I’m sure they’re some facts and details that would shock us about your industry, too; that’s just the way it is…you don’t know what you don’t know.

Anyway, back to people being their biggest HENDERance (see what we did there)...the reality is, no one can stop you from achieving your goals but you.

Allow me to sum this up in one sentence: you have the power of choice.

Knowing that you have the power of choice is empowering because, at any moment, you can make a different choice.

I know you’re thinking: But I didn’t choose to be poor. I didn’t choose to be financially irresponsible.

And to that, I’ll say, while you may not have consciously said, “I want to be poor!” or “I want to be financially dependent on others while living a mediocre life!”

What you did NOT say is: I am rich, wealthy, and financially independent.

So, by default, you made a choice to be poor. Ouch.

Now, now there…don’t hurt me or curse me. I’m not telling you this to shame or blame you. I’m telling you this so we can do something about it together.

We can’t fix it all in one sitting, but I promise you that if you stay close, you’ll start making choices that change the trajectory of your financial future.

In the meantime, make a choice to subscribe to this blog and share it with 10 of your friends. Go ahead and forward this email and post it to your socials. You don’t wanna be the only person making new financial choices cause if you are, they’ll start asking you for money.

See ya next week!

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