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by Robert Henderson Jr (Author)

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Spiritual Principles For A Prosperous Life

by Robert Henderson Jr (Author)

This book is designed for anyone who is seeking guidance and support in obtaining harmony, peace, love, health and a prosperous life. It is for those who have a thirst for seeking and finding The Kingdom of The Almighty within themselves. The chapters are filled with information to encourage and up-lift you to a higher consciousness. Fourteen authors and ministers from around the country who practice new thought and metaphysical principles have come together to help guild and lead you to achieve your highest good.


It Is You: Honor, Heal, Hope

by Hyacinth Henderson (Author)

Imagine spending years in a room filled with darkness when suddenly a small sliver of light shines through an opening and illuminates the room. Your focus would shift from being surrounded by darkness to figuring out a way to bring in more light. That’s exactly what we’re going to do within the journal. The It Is You journal is filled with written content and prompts to take you on a journey of self-discovery aiding you as you shift from darkness to light. We will go back and honor your past, heal wounds that you’re still carrying in the present, and build a plan of hope for the future.

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